Cropable Hello Kitty 3d wallpaper sticker waterproof foam adhesive wallpaper sticker Decorate bedroom ceiling wall design diy art ₱22

  • Seasonal Decoration: No
  • Wallpaper Features: Antistain
  • Wallpaper Features: Easy Remove
  • Wallpaper Features: Water Repellant
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Warranty Type: No Warranty
  • Length: 35cm
  • Width: 30cm
  • ₱22 ₱150
    1. Description:
    A sort of. Material: PE
    C. Use range: bedroom background TV background, sofa background, living room background, clothing background...
    d. Aspect:
    Size: 70x15cm/35x30cm
    Thickness: 3mm

    2. Product features:
    A sort of. Waterproof, moisture-proof and mildew-proof, it can be easily cleaned and maintained with a damp cloth.
    The high-density bubble layer has good anti-collision and noise prevention.
    C. Pasting is simple and convenient, and one person can complete it independently.
    d. Self-adhesive peeling and pasting of 3D wallboard, no grouting, no glue, no special tools, no mess.
    e. Thin and light, without the strap, it can be easily and directly installed on the existing panel or smooth surface.
    F. 3D real brick effect and texture wallpaper texture, using soft foam material.
    G. It can be used in almost all places except fire environment (the material is not fire resistant).
    F. No harmful heavy metals (lead, cadmium, mercury) exceeding the standard values ​​have been detected, high-quality environmentally friendly wall decoration panels.

    3. The package includes:
    1 x 3D brick wallpaper

    4. Note:
    a. When pasting, please keep the front and back of the wallpaper neatly left and right
    b. Some wallpapers may have a length error of less than one centimeter. When pasting at this time, in order to keep it flush, you can paste the extra part on another wallpaper (there will be instructions in the picture)
    C. If the wallpaper is not evenly pasted due to man-made, and then request a return, all will be rejected, please pay attention!

    5. Frequently Asked Questions
    Q: Why are the colors of the wall stickers different?
    A: Since the color of each batch of wall stickers will be re-graded, the color of different batches of wall stickers will be different, so please buy enough wall stickers at a time to avoid color difference.

    Q: Why is there an error in the size of the wall sticker?
    A: Because the size of the wall sticker is cut by hand, there will be an error of 1-2 cm.

    Q: Why does my wall sticker come off?
    A: The surface should be clean and tidy, with adhesion, such as: wooden boards, glass surfaces, dust-free walls, walls with putty bottom, etc., otherwise the wall stickers will easily fall off.

    Six, installation methods and tools
    A sort of. Preparation: Stick the surface clean with adhesive, such as: wood surface, glass surface, dust-free wall, wall putty, etc.
    B. Paste: Paste the torn back cover paper to auxiliary tools: scissors, utility knife
    C. Note: Please purchase enough quantity at a time to ensure that they are the same batch to avoid color difference

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