32650 lifepo4 battery 6000mAh 3.2V Lithium Phosphate Battery Cell ₱140

  • Warranty Duration: 1 Month
  • ₱140 ₱145

    5days warranty replacement for defective battery.
    1month warranty for bad battery performance. ( Please provide videos for bad battery test results )

    Please do not buy the capacity tested by multi-function charger
    If you have no experience in purchasing batteries and do not use batteries, please do not buy them
    Lithium phosphate battery 6000mah 3.2V
    Lithium phosphate battery 6000mah 3.2V ( actual test 6ah)
    0It is suggested that 3.2V is a small batch and 3V is a large batch. Any battery is in a certain range. The voltage range of 32650 connected to BMS is 3.65v ~ 2.0V (determined by internal power storage). It is very unprofessional to evaluate the performance of a battery by voltage. The professional advice on batteries is capacity and internal resistance.
    Our battery capacity has passed professional capacity test and voltage distribution. It is recommended not to mix with other types of batteries to avoid affecting the overall capacity level of the battery pack. The voltage balance shall be consistent during assembly. If the current exceeds 80A, BMS brand is recommended. The technical requirements of solar energy storage and assembly are relatively simple. The normal service life of lithium battery is 3000 times of full charge and discharge and 2000 times of electric vehicle. After 2000 times, the performance will decline slightly (the level of assembly technology determines the driving range of electric vehicles). If you don't know what kinetic energy does.

    Benefits :
    • High capacity and stable discharge voltage
    • Longer working time with high performance
    • Light weight with small size
    • Sturdy and with outstanding high level of vibrations and shocks
    • Steady output voltage and Low self-discharge
    • Outstanding discharge properties and small internal resistance
    • No memory effect, good discharge ability and high load and resist high temperature
    • Pollution free for environmental protection
    • 100% Authentic original lithium rechargeable battery
    • Build in anti-explosion protection and circuit protection

    Attention :
    • Do not expose to, dispose of the battery in fire.
    • Do not put the battery in a charger or equipment with wrong terminals connected.
    • Avoid shorting the battery
    • Avoid excessive physical shock or vibration.
    • Do not disassemble or deform the battery.
    • Do not immerse in water.
    • Do not use the battery mixed with other different make, type, or model batteries.
    • During transportation, 50% SOC must be kept to ensure that short circuit, appearance of liquid in the battery or
    immersion of battery in liquid never occur. When you received the cell it most likely @ 50-75% SOC so we recommended to fully charge the battery for the first time of use.
    • Keep out of the reach of children