30000 Lumens 3*T6 /3* L2 Diving Flashlight Professional Portable Diving Flashlight 200M Waterproof Powerfull Flashlights Underwater ₱737

₱737 ₱1,755
product description:
Lumens: 3 * T6: 9000LM; 3 * L2: 15000LM
Light source: 3x T6 / 3 * L2
White LED color temperature: 6500K
Switch: ultra light single file
Reflector: Smooth aluminum reflector after ultra-high temperature treatment, laminated alloy reflective film.
Material: Aviation magnesium alloy.
Surface treatment: military regulations three hard oxidation.
Colour: Black.
Battery: use 2 * 18650 lithium battery
Waterproof: 100-200 meters diving.
Dimensions (mm): 198 * 43 * 29

Flashlight instructions:
1. When the flashlight is in use, select according to the voltage and battery requirements of the flashlight. Do not use it indiscriminately to prevent the circuit board from being burnt out. Do not use batteries of different models and voltages at the same time.
2. In use, turn off the flashlight when the brightness of the flashlight changes significantly to prevent the battery from being over-discharged.
3, cooling skills: flashlight in the process of use, to ensure heat. When the battery is strongly required to be fully charged, it is best to use the second gear first, so that the lamp holder and battery of the flashlight can be extended! Holding the flashlight by hand is the best way to dissipate the flashlight; it is recommended to dissipate heat or turn off according to the heat of the flashlight when it is lit, and then light it up after the temperature is lowered to dissipate heat.
4. For the description of the flashlight on waterproofing and shockproof, strengthen the prevention.
5, the inner wall of the lamp cup is kept clean, absolutely can not be wiped by hand or a hard object; the fingerprint on the lens can be lightly wiped with a cotton swab and lens cleaner.
6, can not direct the flashlight light to the human eye, super bright and glare, so as not to affect vision, especially children.
7. If you do not use the flashlight for a long time, please take out the battery (one month or longer) to avoid chemical corrosion.