50000mAh Solar PowerBank Charger USB Ports Power Bank External Charger Flashlight IP65 Waterproof ₱329

  • Powerbank Capacity Size: > 20000mAh
  • ₱329 ₱1,299
    50000mAh Solar Power Bank Charger USB Ports Powerbank External Charger FlashlightAttention
    1. Please charge it under STRONG sunlight, do not charge it in cloudy day or the place through glass(e.g a window or car)
    2. Solar charging is designed for emergencies, not a primary source of charging due to the compact solar panel size and sunlight intensity, it takes long time to charge under sunlight, so we highly recommend charge the solar charger via an adapter or computer

    ◣ (Dual) USB jack
    ◣ 240g ultra-light and portable design
    ◣ 50000mAh large capacity, rated capacity 42000mAh, super high conversion rate
    ◣ Support voltage AC90-240V (available in many countries, travel head is preferred)
    ◣ LCD power% digital display
    ◣ Dual-effects in one place, ready to charge, can be filled with mobile power + mobile phone simultaneously
    ◣ The mobile power supply has no specifications, and all models can be used universally
    ◣ (Dual) USB jack
    ◣ 240g ultra-light and portable design